PRIVATE Training 

Personal TRAINING:


Our degree certified trainers have extensive training, knowledge and experience in exercise physiology, science, anatomy, functional patterns, mobility, flexibility, nutrition, sports nutrition, sports performance, and strength and conditioning.


Our trainers work to asses where you are, where you want to be and to create the Rush Experience to get you there!


Some clients may potentially do both — pursue one-on-one training so they can work on their individual concerns relating specifically to their bodies, and at the same time enjoy the experience of partner, team or group training!

TEAM Training:


Team Training Sessions are great for the entire family, sports teams or clubs and cooperate.  


Your team training programs can be created around one of three general models:


Equipment-based training

Prefer a certain style of training or equipment type, such as kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, sandbags, sleds, battle ropes, tires etc.


Technique- or skill-based training

Targeted approach to individuals preparing for an activity or sport, such as weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, boxing, endurance or obstacle course racing. 


Outcome-based training

People who are looking for a specific physical result or change from the program – weight-loss, wedding preparation, fitting into “skinny jeans,” etc.

on the go /APP 


All Private Rush Athletes gain access to


Quickly view personalized home workouts using our all-in-one platform built for fitness performance the Wodify app! 


Performance History:

Accurately record your workouts daily,  track progressive and see how you stack up on the daily leaderboard against other Rush Athletes. 


Nutrition Tracking: 

Take pride in logging your food daily, creating a daily accountability system between you and your coaches, coaches being able  to review daily and help you every step of the way! 


Video Exercise Library:

The Wodify app comes pre-loaded with premium exercise videos, or you can look at the daily workout video posted on our private social media group for Iron Revolution Athletes



Connect and Compare with the Community! The Wodify Whiteboard gives you access to all the Rush Experiences! Look at today's workout or review your training week and see how you can make improvements to your game! 





Partner Training Sessions are a perfect fit for friends, family and couples. Experience the benefits of the creativity and motivation of a certified trainer while lowering the financial entry point and/or spending more time with the trainer for the available funds.


Customized to progress both of your individual abilities, certain exercises may also be performed together, and may give you the urge to engage in a little friendly competition. The guidance you will receive in each training session will help you and your partner(s) accountable to reach  your goals in the most safe and effective way. 


If you do not have a partner, but want to participate in a private training, we would be happy to pair you with of of our current teams.